It's easy to let little things cloud one's perception of the bigger picture sometimes. Trivial things seem to pop up or intercept what your focus should really be on. I try to weigh the importance of things that I get caught up in against what is of constant importance in my life. It becomes necessary to let a lot of those trivial little things fall by the wayside. Negative people or comments, the nagging feeling of how people perceive you at times. If you let it, it will eat you alive, and I want more from my life than that. I've come to have the support that I need. I have a connection to someone that I find fantastic in so many ways so much of the time. And I've learned the importance of family. I'm really lucky, underneath.


Lepers To Feed The Lepers

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the mob mentality people adopt when they're too scared (or stupid) to form their own opinion. I haven't always been exempt from this, but after my share of social crucifixions I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two about going with (or against) the crowd. Don't fucking do it. It's so bullshit and unoriginal. I'd like to think people outgrow it, but the truth is it's so much easier (and much more socially acceptable) to be a faceless shit talker based on second (or tenth) hand information. Maybe it draws attention away from your own short-comings...maybe it feels really good to just tear someone apart. But there's humans and hearts at the center of it. Humans and hearts who have made mistakes, or chosen to go against your grain. Instead, spend your time on the things you love. Find a hobby. Get a paper route. Just keep your uneducated (or unappreciated) opinion to yourself.



Top Ten Things I Want/Need:

1. My own digital/traditional cameras.
2. A job I can stand...and possibly even love.
3. To be a photojournalist/write for Spin or Rolling Stone (or something else equally cool).
4. An iPhone.
5. A new leather jacket.
6. To move out with my boyfriend.
7. A huge music/book collection.
8. A record player.
9. To realize the lessons that I am being taught by life (and there are many..fuck..)
10. To figure out my post secondary school situation within this year.

All of these things are totally attainable if I can get out and hunt them down...maybe not in that order, but still attainable. I'm posting photos from my ever growing portfolio soon.



Things I've learned in summer '09:

-trust (almost) no one*
-you can never have/read enough books
-mooching money (or anything else) feels cheap no matter what
-never turn your back on your life lines
-Chuck Klosterman is a genius (read Killing Yourself To Live, so good!)
-being an asshole is basically never a good idea in the long run

...and the grand finale..

-don't take anything personally, IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!

*there's usually one or two key people in one's life that are exempt from this