Generation Why?

Echo Boomers.  The MTV Generation.  The Millennials. 

Not friggin' even.

I have come to realize something.  Something rather serious.  It started as a question, a feeling that started (I think) early in high-school.  Now, I realize a lot of people have a lot of questions that start (they think) early in high-school.  But this one has only grown, and become more concrete over time...

And now, I know the answer.

I have always felt that I do not relate to my peers, my people.  Not just on an "interests/activities/about me" level.  On a way deeper, essence-of-my-being level.  This (I have smartly deduced) is because we belong to the first generation to have no true, unifying identity.  Think about it, since at least the beginning of the 20th century (and definitely far beyond that, really) every decade, every generation of people has  had a general identity.  Something to be known for.  The60's with their free love, and the 80's with their free drugs.  But not us.  Sure I was born in the 90's.  But I was not a part of the Seattle movement.  Or the Spice Girls.  Or Titanic.  My coming of age years belonged to a time where all we have is terrorist attacks and qwerty keyboards.  Obviously we have advanced on other generations' antics and achievements, but we have nothing to call our own.  Nothing new.  Nothing specific.  Just filtered re-hashings of times long passed.  Trends designed to to make us feel nostalgiac for things we never we were never even a part of the first time.  

We need an identifier.  Something to tie us to each other.  But for now we are just twittering along, updating our lonely, unrelatable statuses as we go...

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